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Slotozal is far from being a leader in the field of gambling, but it is quite a mediocre casino that works only for players from the CIS countries (because they are not fair).

However, players are increasingly speaking negatively about their experience of "collaboration" with Slotozal. According to them, it is difficult to win here, and there are problems with payments. After analyzing the reviews, information about the casino and the site itself, we can draw certain conclusions about the reasons for such a negative situation.

Low Refund Rate

According to the feedback of the players, winning in the slot machines of this casino is a rarity. Moreover, the amounts that users receive in this case are very small. This is a standard situation for unscrupulous casinos that operate in the CIS countries. This technique is one of the simplest and most effective ways to deceive a player. Because they work only with scripted slot machines, the return percentage of which is set by themselves. And this is simply impossible in licensed online casinos, where the percentage of returns is calculated on the servers of providers (game developers).

But how does Slotozal manage to do this? Let's move on to the next point.

Unlicensed software

Many players - especially when it comes to newcomers to the world of gambling - are unaware of the presence of licensed and unlicensed machines. And if they know about such a classification, they do not attach much importance to it. In vain.

A casino that uses software with a license is, in the vast majority of cases, honest and fair in relation to its customers. The fact is that such machines cannot be "twisted". All settings and algorithms come from the server of the official developer. These companies value their reputation and guarantee a fair game for both parties.

Software without a license is fully adaptable, that is, customizable. These are copies (fakes) of the original slot machines, which may even be the developments of the casino itself. In these slots, you can set the percentage of return at the level of 20%, 10%, or even 0% if the owner needs to get a big income in a short time.

How to check if slots have a license? Very simple. Firstly, for example, Igrosoft machines do not have it at all. We see this software in the list of Slotozal games. Only a small number of casinos have Novomatic licensed products. Slotozal, of course, is not included in this narrow circle of establishments. This is more than enough to draw a conclusion.

If you want to make sure one hundred percent, you can look at the address of the server from which this or that machine is loaded. You can do this by opening the source code of the element. Having found the link, check it with the official developer's server address. This information can be easily found on the Internet.

Problems with withdrawing money

With transactions, as well as with the process of the game itself, not everything is going smoothly. The network is “walking” reviews of players who have encountered difficulties in making a deposit. Although it is difficult to call it difficulties - the money simply did not reach the casino account. At the same time, of course, the administration relieves itself of all responsibility, complaining about payment systems. Firstly, as practice shows, payment systems surprisingly often make mistakes when transferring funds to casino accounts. Secondly, this does not make it easier for the player, because no one compensates his money.

In addition, there are situations that are common for most online gambling establishments - problems with withdrawal. If the deposit of funds is carried out in a matter of seconds, then the withdrawal sometimes has to wait for several weeks. According to reviews, the amount does not matter.

In some situations, the administration may require the player to present identification documents. The procedure is standard, but it is very often used by dishonest casinos to artificially delay the process of paying out funds. Slotozal is no exception.

This point should also include situations with so-called failures in the system. According to the rules of Slotozal, a player's winnings will be canceled if there is a failure in the system at the time of his game. Of course, the administration will not prove anything to the user in this case. Given the above facts about Slotozal, one can only guess whether this paragraph of the rules will use the resource for its own purposes.

Lack of license information

Despite the fact that the gambling business is prohibited in our country, and any casino is illegal, it must still have a license. Owners receive it abroad: in Costa Rica, Great Britain, Curacao and so on. This allows institutions to operate in principle.

Information about the casino license, as a rule, is indicated on their website. Moreover, this is done in a remarkable place, so that the players know that they have entered an honest, conscientious resource. There is no information about the license on the Slotozal website. Nowhere is it even indicated where this data can be obtained. But the owners felt it necessary to indicate in a conspicuous place that the site was checked by an antivirus and has a Thawte certificate. By the way, Thawte went out of business in 2009.

Without information about the license, the player cannot be sure that the activities of the casino are somehow controlled. This is important, because in this case the random number generator is not subjected to any checks. A random number generator is a mechanism on which the result of each game depends. That is, its importance cannot be overestimated. In fairness, it should be noted that even with a license in dishonest casinos, these checks are almost never carried out.


To make a conclusion about the Slotozal casino, one could stop at a point with unlicensed software. This is a clear sign of a dishonest institution. All other factors only complement the overall picture. Whatever it was, to play or not to play here is up to you.

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