What Is EWSA (Extended Warranty Service Agreement) From Avm Servicezone?

Avm Servicezone EWSA replicates and extends the manufacturer’s warranty. This means whenever  gadget suffers a malfunction or breakdown, we will get it repaired for you while bearing all the costs required. 

Avm Servicezone offers coverage for all your gadgets ranging from Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Phones.

You can opt for an extended warranty from Avmservicezone for your gadgets within 9-months after purchasing your device.

What is Covered :

You can opt to protect your device for up to 2 additional years. Hence the total term of the manufacturer’s warranty and extended warranty does not exceed 3 years.

Service Assurance :

Avm prides itself in providing fantastic service and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee that your device will be repaired and returned to you within the promised time.

Help us, help you :

  •  Buy Extended Warranty along with your device and ensure that you are buying the right plan based on the price of your device.
  •  At the time of purchasing the plan, ensure that the invoice issued to you by your retailer has the IMEI/Serial Number that matches the one of the device.
  •  Provide all the information requested by us in a timely and truthful manner.
  •  We request you to submit the device details and purchase invoice to us promptly and respond to any queries raised in a timely manner. Delays on this front by you will impact the service assurance to extend by the proportionate number of days.

Raising a service request :

The worst has happened; your device has suffered a breakdown. Do not worry; we are here to help you.

  • Call us on   96038 55855  within 7 days and tell us about the malfunction that has occurred.
  • Keep a copy of your purchase invoice bearing the IMEI/Serial number ready.
  • Ensure that the IMEI/Serial Number on your device matches the one that is mentioned on the purchase invoice and/or the serial number displayed on the device image uploaded during plan activation.
  • We will keep you posted regarding the progress of the Service Request every step of the way.

What is Not Covered :

This Extended Warranty Service Agreement does not cover the following components or specific conditions:

  • Products that do not carry an existing Manufacturer’s Warranty valid in India at the time that this Extended Warranty Service Agreement has been purchased by you.
  • Physical or accidental damage of any kind that causes internal or external components to malfunction.
  • Issues arising on account of liquid/water logging.
  • Issues arising out of wear and tear of the Covered Product.
  • Issues or costs arising due to unauthorized repairs carried out on the Covered Product, improper usage and defects due to electrical wiring, plug(s), switches, extension box, inverter, grounding defects, damages due to sudden surge fluctuation, fluctuating voltage, loose contacts etc.; and damages resulting from external causes like rat bite(s), insect infestation or intrusion.
  • Breakdown on account of any accessories not originally provided by the manufacturer of the Covered Product.
  • Issues arising as a result of non-operating or cosmetic deterioration that do not affect the functionality or operation of the Covered Product.
  • If modifications are carried out in consonance with the brands’ policies using genuine parts and through authorized service centres which increase the Value of the Covered Product then the Extended Warranty Service Agreement will continue to apply to the Covered Product. However, the Extended Warranty Service Agreement will only cover the original invoice value of the product and will exclude the modifications carried out.
  • Damage to computer hardware, software and data caused by, including, but not limited to virus, application programs, network drivers, source code, object code or proprietary data, support, configuration, installation or reinstallation of any software or data.
  • Damage occurring due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes and acts of God.
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